Cosy up your home for Spring


Spring is already around the corner. Time for an all-round Spring Clean.

A new era begins, the world comes back to life. It is a time that fills us with pure energy and balanced harmony. And, to feel the energy and harmony flowing, we need to tidy around us so that this newness and freshness can enter and brighten up everything around with purity.

What should we not forget about when cleaning? 

To begin with, take care of your ceiling

Take care of your ceiling first, brush up all corners, cobweb walls, don't forget about your chandelier and lights and dust them off.

Wash your windows

The first sun rays give our windows a hard time, giving a clear view of the slightest imperfections. We believe that every woman likes her windows clean and shining.

What is the best way to clean them? First, it is important to wash the window glass and frames thoroughly with water mixed with a little detergent. It is best to clean them when it is cloudy. Not only is it more comfortable, but there is not much chance that the windows will dry up immediately. Wipe the wet glass with a rubber squeegee or window-cleaning cloth.

Wash the floors and clean the carpets

Don't forget your floors and carpets. Vacuum and wash floors with a cleaning detergent suitable for the particular type of floors you have. Don't leave out your carpets - you can clean them manually, with a cleaning machine or you can call a cleaning service to help you.

De-clutter your old clothes

Time to move to the wardrobes and declutter old clothes that you no longer wear or need. You can place them in boxes and store them in the attic for later. Or perhaps you could donate them to a charity?

Give attention to the appliances

In addition to the general cleaning while spring cleaning, give attention to the appliances - stove, radiators, oven, washing machine and refrigerator as they also deserve some care.

Make your home a well-scented home

There's something about a special home scent that awakens your senses every time you walk in. Why not develop your own special home fragrance with elegant, handmade scented candles that won't fade away but will last the full lifetime of the candle.

Choose a scent you love and that becomes the special scent of YOUR home. Be it the wild and original Cranberry, or, maybe Alpine Breeze or Gentle Lavender.

Then just inhale deeply and allow yourself to be pampered.