Psychohygiene during the Winter


Early sunset, darkness that cloaks the streets, cool air... Indeed, winter can be depressing for many people. Therefore, don't neglect Psychohygiene but use it as prevention of the burn-out.

What is Psychohygiene?

A concept that, we believe, you may have heard of. Psychohygiene helps to maintain health, especially Internal and Mental health. It deals with lifestyle, attitudes, ability to process emotions, resilience and resolve conflict.

The principle of it is to build new habits to help you manage different situations in your life.

Stop comparing yourself with others

From time to time, you may slip into old toxic thoughts and start comparing yourself with other people around you. Social Media is a contributing factor. There seems to be a perfect life on Facebook and on Instagram so that, to an ordinary person, it can seem that their own life is dull and grey. Appearances, however, can often be deceiving. Don't forget that we all have a different life path and, we move along that path at different speeds.

Enjoy quality sleep

Good sleep plays a vital role in regulating metabolism, appetite, our immune system and, overall, plays a vital role in our physical and mental well-being.

You might have noticed it yourself - after a good night's sleep your day is nicer, you are full of energy; you are in a better mood. Therefore, make sure not to avoid sleep or shorten it. on the contrary - enjoy at least 8 hours of rest each night.

Take stressful situations at work as opportunities

Pressure at work is part of your everyday life. You may have a day when your boss presents a task or problem that you are not sure how to solve, you have to meet a deadline or to fulfill a challenging obligation. Whatever the reason.... in moments like this, you will feel stress.

Do your best to manage negative feelings and don't allow stress to overpower you.

Remember, every situation can teach you something new.

Pamper yourself

Don't be too hard on yourself. Do something nice for YOU.

Why not spoil yourself with a unique vegan candle that, not only has an elegant design, but brings a beautiful aroma to every room and awakens your senses?

Gentle lavender will caress your senses. Cranberry will make your day so much more pleasant. Fresh Alpine air will give you energy. All you need to do is to choose.

Remember that psychohygiene is all about you. Do not neglect your needs and, most importantly, always think of your well-being.