100% natural, aroma lamp wax - 170g / 300 hours - Freshness of the Alps

Up to 300 hours of the wonderful scent of the Alpine hills packed in 100% natural, aroma lamp wax will excite everyone.

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Wax for the aroma lamp will fill your home with amazing fragrances. Cheaper, more commonly available paraffin wax based candles produce harmful toxins when they burn. That's why we make 100% natural, soy waxes with a beautiful earthy aroma.

Our wax can be used as a sample before purchasing one of our fabulous large candles.

MATY'S Wax contains 6 pieces beautifully packaged in the perfect gift set.

Whether it comes to producing candles or wax we are committed to the highest quality standards, taking into account your health and the environment. In the production of our wax the end result is always 100% natural soy wax.

The soy wax for our aroma lamps lasts much longer than the traditional paraffin wax.

Just put some of the wax in the upper part of the aroma lamp, light a tea candle underneath and then just relax and savour the delicious scent as you are transported to a magical place deep in your imagination.

Our large candles, tea candles and waxes are all packaged in fabulously presented gift sets.

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